the meaning of life is pizza and Pootie Tang should have been in the Avengers.


"You’ll never get what you’re looking for, until you’re able to find it in you"- something Craig Owens recently tweeted. Craig Owens is awesome and has been a source of inspiration for me for so long. a couple years ago when i was super sad and panic attack-y his music and quotes were some of the only things that helped pull me back into reality. he is proof that while some things never really change a lot of things do, and everything will eventually get better as long as you keep fighting. at this point in my life i’m still trying to figure out what i want and who i am and though it has been said thousands of times before, that tweet just made me feel all shiny and hopeful and ready to face the world. i just wanted to share that with the like 4 people who will see this :)